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Invest in curated, world-class private credit funds.

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Why Private Credit?

Strong Returns

Over the last 20 years, private credit returned ~10% annually.

Limited Risk

Despite higher returns, private credit has historically shown lower risk than public credit.


A low correlation with other asset classes can provide smart diversification.

Inflation Hedge

Interest rates automatically adjust with the broader economy, insulating investors.

Return Premium

Investors are compensated with higher returns in exchange for potential lower liquidity.

Room for Talent

Private credit markets can be highly inefficient, creating opportunities for top funds.

A powerful gateway.

Constant makes it easy to invest in top-tier private credit funds, across a range of strategies.

Your bridge to top-tier private credit.

We curate world-class private credit funds, and provide access with low minimums.

A nascent, rapidly growing asset class.

The private credit industry grew 350%+ since 2010, and is expected to grow ~18% annually over the next few years. Yet, it has been dominated by institutions and ultra-wealthy investors: we're changing that.

A Better Way to Yield.

We are credit specialists, excited to provide new opportunities for your portfolio. Constant is an exclusive investment platform, available on an invite-only basis. Join our waitlist, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.